Total Transparency,

greater peace of mind


With one dedicated point of contact

Once you have opened an account, you will be assigned a senior advisor from our Investment Team who will be available whenever you need them. They will help you build your portfolio according to your specific objectives, and you will also have 24/7 online access to your portfolios.

Our Approach

Our approach is a relatively simple one consisting of three key points of focus. We believe that when these three benchmarks are met, success should eventually follow. They are:‍

  • Understanding our customer’s objectives
  • Undertaking individual research and analysis
  • Delivering an active approach which can be adjusted according to market changes

At SI Capital one of our principal aims is to ensure that we know our customers and that they know us. In order to help our clients achieve their objectives a lot of emphasis is put on a comprehensive initial meeting. This enables us to properly identify your objectives and establish the suitability (or not) of certain products. We maintain regular contact with you throughout to ensure that we are aware of any changes which might affect your short or long term plans.


Active Portfolio Advice

It is our opinion that unless a portfolio is actively reviewed, then it might not perform as robustly as it could otherwise. Sentiment in the stock market changes regularly from year to year and, as a result, different sectors fall in and out of favour. With this in mind it is our opinion that a portfolio which can change its emphasis to take advantage of these changes will fare better than one which cannot. That’s why our advice reflects stock market sentiment and that’s why we monitor changes.

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