Letter from our ceo

Covid-19 Update


Coronavirus has swept across the world at a speed nobody could have possibly imagined. It is a fact that so many things which we took for granted are now brought into sharp focus as things we will never take for granted again. Strangely it has forced us to stay at home. It has forced us, in some cases, to reacquaint ourselves with those who matter most.

In truth we may never see stock market opportunities like this again during our lifetimes. Some of the strongest companies in the world have seen their stock values halved in a matter of days.

As such I would like to let you know about the steps we are taking in response to these astonishing times and the steps you can take to optimise your portfolios and their long term profitability.I should be clear that whilst our team are now seconded to work from home, we continue to carry out our responsibilities as per normal, albeit that nothing is completely normal at the moment.

We are in constant dialogue with each other via video link throughout each day and importantly are available to speak with you, make and receive calls and monitor/advise on portfolios. As one of the very few advisory stockbrokers in the UK we continue to focus on being available to take calls at all times and speak with you directly. As a company we have multiple contingency and continuity plans which have allowed us to maintain our service throughout these difficult times.

The IPO and Placing Service

Despite the turbulence Coronavirus has caused, there are now some exceptional opportunities in the Small Cap sector of the market.We continue to scour and strike the best possible deals during this period of uncertainty. If you want to know more about these services please inform our team.


The tax year ends on the 5th April. If you are able to utilise your £20,000 allowance prior, please strongly consider. The funds need not be invested immediately but the allowance has gone once the tax year has passed.We are able to open an ISA account for you very quickly but the last processing day would be by Wednesday 1st April with funds deposited no later than Thursday 2nd April.

To remind you we are open from 8am (Market Open) until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.If you have any questions urgent or not please feel free to call us, or if you simply want a chat please also feel free to call on 01483 413500.I wish good health for you and your loved ones during this precarious time and sincerely look forward to seeing you once the lockdown has been lifted.

Warm regards, Renato Rufus