Meet The SI Capital Team

At SI Capital we believe that creating the right culture starts with employing the right people. From senior management to each individual working within our business, we believe that a focus on transparency, timely responses and fair outcomes will allow us to build a quality business where our customers, both corporate and private, get the best possible service.

Renato Rufus

Chief Executive Officer | Click for BIO

Philip Scott

Head of Equities, Director | Click for BIO

Nick Emerson

Head of Corporate Broking, Director | Click for BIO

Edward James

Compliance Officer | Click for BIO

Nick Briers

Corporate Broker | Click for BIO

Iwan Shotton

Corporate Broker | Click for BIO

Sam Lomanto

Corporate Broker | Click for BIO

Liam Parcell

Broker Support | Click for BIO

Hal Norwood

Corporate Broker | Click for BIO


Callum Denham

Corporate Broker | Click for BIO

Jason Smalley

Legal Counsel | Click for BIO

Caroline Nicholas

Accounts | Click for BIO

Kevin Edgeley

Corporate Broking | Click for BIO

Miranda Jones

Client Accounts | Click for BIO